The dress will be made according to your individual parameters*. We prepare for each dress your list of measurements. When ordering, we will send you a list of necessary measurements and instructions on how to take measurements. Together with your measurements you will need to send us photos of your figure. In messages we will tell you how to do it. Photos are not transferred to third parties!



* Please note:
The professionalism of our entire team is aimed at making the dress perfect for you. We specialize in custom designs. At production of a dress we recreate a dummy by your parameters. But we can not make a 100% copy of your figure. The stretch materials that we use in our dresses allow us to make dresses that fit several dimensions. However, when you receive the dress, you may need to make small changes using the services of a local tailor. Please plan this option and calculate the appropriate budget. For our part, we will do our best to make the dress perfectly fit you!